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Posted on: November 27, 2019

Storyline: Chapter 4a
Characters: Avery, Belfry, Cur, Piper, Tamberlane
Tags: Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3

WHOOPS! Caught red-pawed! ...and poor Tamberlane is having a heck of a time today, isn't she? 🙁

Thanks again to Chaon for letting me use Cur in his Patreon cameo!


AVERY: Piper Averiton, what on earth do you think you're DOING?

PIPER: Teaching this bloody sod a lesson.

AVERY: LANGUAGE! I've taught you better than that!
PIPER: But he were bein' mean to Tamberlane!
AVERY: That is no excuse for violence!

AVERY: Apologize, RIGHT NOW.
PIPER: NO! He's MEAN and I HATE him!
SFX: Hhhh Hhhh Hhhhh

BELFRY: Tamberlane? Are you alright?
SFX: Hhh Hh Hhhh
BELFRY: He didn't hurt you, did he? Tamberlane?

BELFRY: Can...Can you sign it to me?
SFX: Hhh hh Hh

AVERY: Piper Averiton, que diable pensez-vous que vous FAITES?

PIPER: Enseigner à ce bordel sanglant une leçon.

AVERY: LANGUE! Je t'ai appris mieux que ça!
PIPER: Mais il était méchant avec Tamberlan!
AVERY: Ce n'est pas une excuse pour la violence!

AVERY: Excusez-vous, MAINTENANT.
PIPER: NON! Il est MOYEN et je le DÉTESTE!
SFX: Hhhh Hhhh Hhhhh

BELFRY: Tamberlane? Est-ce que tu vas bien?
SFX: Hhh Hh Hhhh
BELFRY: Il ne vous a pas fait de mal, n'est-ce pas? Tamberlane?

BELFRY: Pouvez-vous ... Pouvez-vous me le signer?
SFX: Hhh hh Hh

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